Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I hope to have a little for everyone, beginners and experienced art journalers. For the experienced art journaler there will be a focus on some writing prompts and the journey exploring life and our inner self. As I work through the beginning stages of the art portion of art journaling, I hope that everyone will find some useful ideas and inspiration.

Art journaling consists of two parts,the journaling and the art. Although you may have no journaling and choose your art to express your thoughts there will still be a focus point, inspiration and prompts offered.

My plans are to start with some VERY Basic ideas to help the beginner. Things I wish I had known:) I bought more than was necessary in the past 6 months, now I want to show how you can start simply and grow your supplies. I found it very difficult watching others who have been collecting for years, and the wide variety of supplies available made me want it all. I was unable to differentiate between what was basic and optional, and how to make choices. I found it very confusing for a beginner, at least it was for me :). So, if you are already an art journaler, what do you consider as the most basic essential supplies? Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

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