Wednesday, February 2, 2011


There are many different levels of privacy. Do you need to feel free to write your emotions, thoughts and feelings down when you are upset? Are you concerned about prying eyes, or just that it might possibly, be accidently read? Do you want to keep this journal entry totally private? Do you feel the need to preserve this entry once it is written? In this video I am going to show you some options for keeping your journal entries private to free you to open your heart and soul and let it all out.

First Things First

I want everyone to know about art journaling! It is something anyone, both children and adults, can do. Little children can start with collage or paint, coloring etc. I remember, when I was very little, cutting out images and putting them in a scrapbook. I don’t remember how, tape or glue, but I remember sitting on the floor with one of those very large old scrapbooks. I think my Mom was just trying to keep me busy, lol. I have always remembered that , but never asked her about it. Anyway, art journaling is something everyone can do with minimal supplies or you can buy supplies from every section of the arts and crafts stores.


How do I begin?
How do I keep my writing private?
How can I avoid the editor in my head?
How can I avoid the White Page Syndrome or Blank Page Syndrome?

First off , lets get it very clear :


The Blank Page
For artists or writers with a task such as a novel or nonfiction assignment it may be not knowing where to start or worrying it will not be “good enough”. For art journalers, it is usually the fear of starting. Fear of ruining a perfectly good journal with dross. Fear of writing your innermost fears, imaginations and thoughts about anything and everything.

My Story
Everyone has their own “story” of how they arrived at art journaling. Mine apparently is not that unfamiliar, one I’ve read from others. I came upon altered books, zendoodles and then discovered art journaling when I was searching for techniques to change the cover of my Moleskine. I had decided I couldn’t begin to write until I changed the all black cover of my beloved Moleskine. I never did find anything with that search. Well, I now use that same Moleskine to keep notes about art journaling, and it still has it’s original black cover! Not that I haven’t learned an abundance of techniques, just that I am still “playing” and learning. Learning the basics,that is, because the learning is an ongoing process of trying new techniques, products and combination of products!

Ok, Lets Finally Begin
So, where to begin? I bought a lot of stuff, spent a lot of money... it can be addictive, especially watching Haul videos by the many crafters on youtube. BUT,and that is a big but; it’s not all necessary!! You can begin with a small outlay for basic supplies. Many of you may already have supplies from other crafts. I had none. Walking into Michael’s , I felt like a Stranger in a Strange Land or alien walking into another Universe. I was overwhelmed, but I now feel at home. I’m still not sure if that’s a good thing or not , lol. All I had was some nice BLANK journals. I have since discovered, I am not the only collector of pretty Blank Journals that continue to remain empty... Maybe one day, but for now lets get started.

If you are hesitant like me, start with something already used or an empty Composition notebook. At this time of year, the best price is usually the dollar store. However, come summertime with the back- to-school specials you will find the Composition Notebooks for 25 cents each! My local grocery/department store had coupons with a limit, but Walmart had no limit. I bought both and I think maybe the Walmart ones are not sewn as well, but it really doesn’t matter!! I bought many, with the intention to make a junque journal/remains of the day journal for my daughter and son for Christmas. I discovered it to be more like making mini-albums and scrapbooking, and this did not bode well for me and my ATG! ; we are still having issues! I’m hoping when the first roll of tape is done, I’ll have better luck. Anyway, back to art journaling.

Some inexpensive beginnings (and less intimidating) suggestions:

1. I started with an used Pocket Moleskine Weekly Planner only 3x5.
2. Used school notebook- wirebound 3 ring
3. Old catalog- any type, large book to small pamphlet type
4. Composition notebook- new or used
5. Any journal
6. Inexpenive used book, save some old yellowed books for adding
to your journal
7. Copy paper
8. Newspaper
9. Magazine- although you may want to keep some images


I hope to have a little for everyone, beginners and experienced art journalers. For the experienced art journaler there will be a focus on some writing prompts and the journey exploring life and our inner self. As I work through the beginning stages of the art portion of art journaling, I hope that everyone will find some useful ideas and inspiration.

Art journaling consists of two parts,the journaling and the art. Although you may have no journaling and choose your art to express your thoughts there will still be a focus point, inspiration and prompts offered.

My plans are to start with some VERY Basic ideas to help the beginner. Things I wish I had known:) I bought more than was necessary in the past 6 months, now I want to show how you can start simply and grow your supplies. I found it very difficult watching others who have been collecting for years, and the wide variety of supplies available made me want it all. I was unable to differentiate between what was basic and optional, and how to make choices. I found it very confusing for a beginner, at least it was for me :). So, if you are already an art journaler, what do you consider as the most basic essential supplies? Your comments and suggestions are welcome.