Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Where to start ? I am amazed and delighted at all the free opportunities for exploring art!  These are all new 2012 art challenges and activities. It seems like creative inspiration is just multiplying and spreading like crazy online ! What a wonderful year we have in front of us :) 
I'm listing these in the order that I discovered each 2012 art project :) since I could not find a better way to organize LOL.
First, on Ustream is Dede's/ Inkwell's 2012 Idea Collector Project @ Each Wednesday morning Dede streams AND records for those of us who may miss her early bird show. Being on the West Coast this is at the crack of dawn for me, and I'm not always awake. Dede will give us a subject for each month and each week a subtopic for us to think about, collect and do art, then we will share during her stream. This is an exploration. For January the subject is Discovery and the first week is Style.  The link to her show is the one discussing the project and how to make a book with a pocket for each week. She made another stream that discusses January subject and the first week. this was an impromptu stream @, titled Coffee and Trickerheads in the Afternoon.This is a 3 hour stream and at 1:52 Dede discusses the Idea Collector book and January subject; she will probably discuss again tomorrow Wednesday on her regular show 9 am EST/ 6am PST on Ustream.
Second is Book of Days 2012 with Effy Wild. Effy has a Book of Days 2012 group on Facebook and a web page. Here is the link for the class description and signing up @
This class will have weekly videos and emails. We have already been working on creating journal covers and choosing One Word for 2012. She provided an online chat- Winter Solstice Releasing & Celebrating Ceremony that was fun for all! The Facebook group has been very active with everyone preparing their journals and choosing One Word for the new year.
Third, is the Postcard Challenge 2012 by Darcy on her blog Art and Sole @ . This is based on Nick Bantocks Griffin and Sabine series. I had heard of these books, but never read. I immediately ordered a copy via amazon- there are some available for .01 plus shipping = 4.00$ I really enjoyed this book and now want to read the others! The challenge is to create two characters and two addresses. She will post a country each week and we are to create a postcard between our two characters. Sounds like a lot of fun! I'm thinking if you don't want to create a story between two characters it is still possible to do postcards based on the country provided for the postcard challenge.
Fourth, is 52 PlayDATES by Jan fox @ Each week she will post a new mixed media/ art journal adventure  for 2012. There is a flickr group @
When I discovered two more challenges today, I knew I needed to organize these in a list :)
Fifth, is the Creative Color Challenge 2012 @ . Each month a color palette will be posted to explore, create and inspire. On the 28th of each month Louise will post her creations and everyone can post a thumbnail with a link back to your blog for us to visit. There is also a flickr group for posting images.
Sixth, just created today is Great Inspirations and Creative Conversations  by Kristen Powers to read The Artist's Way.   Here is link for the Facebook group or look up Kristen Powers on Facebook

All of these groups are providing amazing opportunities and communities of artists.

Please comment about any other free challenges or groups. I'm sure there are some more blog challenges. Maybe I'll try to collect and do another posts on blog prompts and challenges.


  1. aww thankyou for promoting my challenge and all the other fabulous challenges that are starting up.

    wishing you a wonderful 2012. x

  2. Hi Cynthea, a BIG thank you for mentioning my 52 PlayDATES project. Very kind of you! Awesome list of free offerings for 2012! Smiles Jan

  3. hi, as you guessed the countries are all already chosen, and I cannot take requests as that would get really complicated lol

    all I can tell you is that one of your countries is already on the list, I can't say which one or when it will appear. sorry.

    darcy. x